I have adapted this blog to focus more on intuitive play in the form of art journaling, my more explorative philosophical search around meaning, being human and my main artwork is now on my other website. Should you wish to follow me there you will find me at stacieamelia.com.

Here it is very much play and experimentation as I personally attempt to make sense of life.

I have been muddling away having fun with differing methods, just experimenting with different medium completely out of my comfort zone. The past couple of weeks I have been daily doodling, experimenting with Bister Ink as well as Alcohol Ink. It has been fun not honing in on any skill and playing with the materials as if back in nursery (kindergarten).

Today I have been exploring the expression of emotion through colour and movement.

I tried working with 24ct Gold leaf paper to create the circular parts of the 4th image but I failed. It wiped off in places and didn’t work out the way I had imagined in my head. First attempt though so hopefully I can learn more with time and practice. I’m working in this way so I can find the raw essence of my fine artwork. I’m completely out of my comfort zone but it is playful explorative and skill building. A curiosity.

Abstract isn’t my usual go to but I certainly enjoyed it.

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