What is this about?

It has been an arduous task trying to define most precisely what I have been aiming towards with this work. This has been a search for meaning. I have spent many months in a sort of hibernation, tossing and turning towards understanding my real intention here. This is it. Fundamentally I am searching to understand how each of us make meaning of our lives from the moments, the joys, the ordinary and the suffering. How do we each make sense of it?

In my last post I left off having just begun a chemotherapy treatment and was planning to use the time to let go of the labels in my own life and sense of self. I didn’t have to try hard the treatment itself stripped away my sense of identity. My immune system, hair, my eyelashes, partial eyebrows, my inner sense of security, my body shape, thinking patterns and my sense of being in this world. All went. I haven’t been in my power or my best self during this time. I felt destabilised and more vulnerable than I had initially imagined like I’d been thrown into some internal wilderness. I have felt much confusion, sadness and loss. I lost my way from my heart. It was a very difficult experience. The drug itself altered my DNA , this is changed for the rest of my life and in turn changed my sense of self. I gained a lot too, some maturity, some wisdom, a sense of my own boundaries and what I truly needed to be most authentic in this life. It has been a vastly profound journey from then until now.

Through this work I am keen to learn how you make sense of / create meaning for life. I feel the best way to approach this is just to share my own journey with you and invite you to join in exploring your own.

What does all this life experience mean, why do we experience the things we do and why is it different for everyone. What makes us both different and the same? What is the point?

I’m back….and everyday reconnecting to my sense of being, my heart and remembering why I began this work.

So here I am, ready and open to the questions as to how us humans find/ create meaning.

I look forward to sharing the search for meaning together 🙏✨


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