A session with For Enjoyment CIC learning the basics of drawing this eve moving from light shapes building up into darker images. They are meant to be basic as the focus was the process of building a picture using blocks (shapes). Believe it or not I was never taught this and I can see how very useful it will be in my main artwork even forming part of the finished piece as a feature itself. Really enjoyed this session. I plan on exploring this much more deeply here. Learning is I need to be far more loose with the pencil and not to get to defining so quickly. Backward learning however so I’m sure with time it will come. Such essential building blocks. I have included further drawing that helps me to remember the basic skills.

2 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Interesting drawing back to basics Look up Landscapes from your imagination by Tony SmiberScott Swinson on you tube uses his techniques based on Turner work He uses crumpled paper to highlight shading on surfaces We are always learning and growing thank you for sharing Anne xSent from Samsung Mobile on O2

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