Ok so I introduced the use of Cyanotype in my last journal blog, for those whom are not familiar Cyanotype is a photography printing process created by mixing two chemicals (ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide) using specialised paper. It can be used more widely than the special, artistic way of developing photo negatives. When exposed to UV (sunlight, UV light or a daylight bulb) the dark or covered areas of the paper maintain the shape of whatever has been placed over it, this is what creates the picture. In effect these areas do not develop. The UV alters the colour that is exposed to eventually a dark greyish tone. It is then washed with water an some lemon juice (or citric acid) and it exposes the non developed area creating the intended image by leaving the area white.

Last post I shared two pieces that were created using the sculpted artwork I am making exposed an almost bone like image, it was quite reminiscent of an X-ray. Here are the images again

This week I’ve been focusing more on the outer images and was planning hand and foot prints similar to the above. However the botched result had me thinking about the markers we leave in terms of the ‘where is our map?’ series I’m working on as part of my wider Being Human exploration on my website www.stacieamelia.com. I worked with these pieces slightly differently in terms of length of exposure and technique and used a daylight bulb just to see how long that would take to expose (ages…sunlight or UV bulb best for any of you who wish to give it a go and haven’t yet). Now I’m not entirely sure what I did because it wasn’t intentional but somehow it worked out. I suppose that’s how we create some of our best work. I was not intending these pieces to be part of the map series at all as I say I was more focusing on creating an image of the outer body parts and failed. Instead this is what happened and it works great for this other aspect of my work. So although it didn’t work out as planned it still worked out (phew!) How it processed back to front is baffling but I’m down with it in this moment!

I will try again regarding what I was initially intending on another sun shining day.

I do however see how all images via this process fit into the ‘where is our map?’ series as well as exploring the body itself. Multifaceted tool here, looking forward to exploring this method more especially as mixed media.

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