What was is now not

Life offers no second chance

The gaping hole where once my heart was,

Now empty, just naught.


There isn’t a single day my heart doesn’t ache,

Wide open and simultaneously closed,

Regardless much trying no healing occurs,

What’s missing? you, our roots and connection before take.


I can’t seem to put myself together again,

Lost all touch with meaning and a deep hole,

A piece of my jigsaw just gone

Sucked up the vacuum, in vain.


Once filled with laughter openness and play,

That golden thread of connection I still feel it inside,

Yet the emptiness of reality just burns and I’m in pain,

All that once was just a memory, gone, past, no more to say.


I’m not healing, I wish I was

I’m lost

I’m broken

The dance over, why? Because.


I miss you,

I hurt,

I grieve,

and still feel my sincerest love too.


I feel robbed of a life that could have been so very fine

Taken, wasted

I’m wounded and tired.

Something removed, not nurtured nor given real proper time.


I know I can only ever be true to my heart,

‘Grief is just love with nowhere to go’…

Well that’s what they say,

I can still love you although life has forced us apart.


Never ever, ever, ever again

No more

I renounce it

I will not open for such loss or pain.


Life has its path and all is done.

Never a replacement,

I accept with full grace,

Dreams all gone with the setting sun.

~ Stacie Amelia

10 thoughts on “Grief

    1. Oh jeese I was just letting it out finally I never thought it would touch people as it has. Deeply appreciate that. I’m not much of a poet but sometimes it is the only way to express what is inside.


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