Just a short post to update and say I’m aware I haven’t written for a while. I decided to remove the most recent covid updates as I never intended to be a news source and got carried away in the moment. All of the information is out there for people to read if wished. I suppose I got lost in the emotion or outrage at lack of sharing with the public of information that was placing people at risk. I found myself worried about things opening a little too early and concern for complacency as a result. However it wasn’t related to being creative nor was it the purpose of this blog, I got sidetracked emotionally and became opinion based as opposed to approaching things with a questioning, open, enquiring mind. Which is what this blog is about. I do understand it was helpful to some of you though and I thank you for your comments, I’m glad to have made a little difference even if it was off course. I decided to scale it back though and keep to creative focus instead. Plenty other places to get public safety information. So, back to this explorative process it is. I’m not about opinion on here there’s plenty of that out there, this journey is about curiosity, looking to explore our humanity and how we arrive at meaning making.

I’m having a little time out for the moment however as navigating a number of significant life events but I will return shortly.

I have been working away on a few pieces, shared a couple on social media but there are more and a much wider exploration in process. I have submitted some work for further international opportunities, time will tell and also have been approached by the curator of a wonderful gallery in a prime area for at least a years collaboration which I will take up once COVID is more in a manageable situation. The gallery is abroad, it will involve international art fairs and flying to be present in person. I’ll say no more for now as nothing has been set in stone. I am interested and plan to go forward with the offer. I’m deeply humbled to have been approached.

I’m working away on a couple of specific aspects of the Being Human artistic enquiry whilst slowly updating my website when I can (ugh… coding, SEO and the likes is quite the task, bear with me) 🙄.

Older artwork has sold to raise money for much needed support in the world right now and I plan to offer other pieces for auction in this way to help where needed.

Other than this, adding photos to my photography page and then updates on my creative process blog (all linked within this website) I am keeping much of my work on the down low for the moment (for positive reasons that will be shared later when appropriate). I will post on this blog soon however with a particular piece and the story behind it so do keep an eye out 😌.

For now some quiet personal time, an interlude. I hope you are all safe and well. If not and especially due to COVID but for any reason you are struggling I wish that you have or find a good support network to hold or sit with you however may be needed in this moment. It will shift again 🙏

Until my next post, take care out there.

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