Existential Alchemy of Compassionate Growth

  • Enough
    User 326726150 · Enough.m4a I’m sick of this story and I rebuke the world! All of the madness, lord knows I have hurled. It is by far reality but hardly anyone sees, Surrounded by wanting, needing and the ‘entitled’ disease. In it’s way it is an intricate work of art, Filled with colours, shapes, shades and what people believe is heart. Now, I look and all I see is hue, Just a painting… colours and light but none of it true. A dreamlike world made from neural senses, I’ve had enough! But I can’t traverse it’s fences. This heart is…
  • Visual Artists Open Call Finalists Exhibition
    Visual Arts Open Call Finalist 2021 Breathe….
  • Moving Home (Host)
    Hi all I’m currently shifting my website platform. My blog will remain here so there’s no need for action. It will all link up I’m just moving the pages and landing site onto the new web platform. You won’t notice much other than if you plan to look at any pages on this site. Shortly all will make sense, it shall flow seamlessly and more easily. This post is just for information and a request to please bear with me 🙏
  • Update Visual Arts Open
    Well I am delighted to share that my piece has been selected as one of 33 final pieces out of 2,500 artist submissions. The finalists are listed here: https://www.visualartopen.com/finalists-2021. It’s official I am going to international exhibition once again. I feel honoured to have this opportunity. The winner is decided by public vote, if you would like to take part you can do so here: https://www.visualartopen.com/peopleschoiceawards My piece is called ‘Breathe’. I will release the specifics and the story behind it once the exhibition goes live. Looking forward sharing with you all.
  • Visual Arts Open
    Deeply grateful for being shortlisted in stage one of the Visual Arts Open. Those that go on to the final will be announced on September 27th. Wishing everyone well in the process. I’m humbled to have this opportunity. Thank you to the group of judges for the privilege of reaching this stage.
  • Grace In The Face Of Adversity
    Meet ‘Grace’ 84cm x 59cm (840mm x 590mm) mixed media on MDF. Throughout this blog there are themes that are beginning to clearly emerge for deeper exploration within this being human journey. This painting captures one of them, facing adversity. It is representative of a heart response to such experiences. This piece is part of a new set expanding further on the ‘stories we tell’ exhibition. More details will follow regarding this new set in time. As with ‘Grief’, in my previous post regarding privilege, this is a personal reflective painting. The entire new set is. Reflecting the stories inside…
  • Privilege
    This painting is called ‘Grief’ a 91cm x 71cm (910mum x 710mum) on Canvas Mixed Media. This is the story of how she came to be. This painting represents a sad immediate awakening to the vastness of inequality and privilege that has come to light more acutely throughout the pandemic. Privilege Mostly if you don’t know if you are privileged or what this means then it might be because you are likely so (in some way or another but not always, there can be other reasons for not knowing like lack of exposure). Privilege is defined in the dictionary as:…
  • A Short Post And An Interlude
    Just a short post to update and say I’m aware I haven’t written for a while. I decided to remove the most recent covid updates as I never intended to be a news source and got carried away in the moment. All of the information is out there for people to read if wished. I suppose I got lost in the emotion or outrage at lack of sharing with the public of information that was placing people at risk. I found myself worried about things opening a little too early and concern for complacency as a result. However it wasn’t…
  • Coming Up
    Not giving too much away at this point but keep a watch on this blog for what is coming up in 2021. There are a number of paintings, transformative work and participation opportunities coming up. Surprises… Preparation of a couple of surprises is underway, still working through strategy. Keeping this under the hat though, time will tell. Podcast In The Making A philosophical explorative podcast still in the designing and mapping out stages but hopefully up and running by the end of the year. This will depend on guest speakers availability etc. just talking helps us release some of the…
  • Human Narratives
    Depicting human narrative using vintage photography, creating artwork and its story.
  • Grief
    What was is now not Life offers no second chance The gaping hole where once my heart was, Now empty, just naught. __ There isn’t a single day my heart doesn’t ache, Wide open and simultaneously closed, Regardless much trying no healing occurs, What’s missing? you, our roots and connection before take. __ I can’t seem to put myself together again, Lost all touch with meaning and a deep hole, A piece of my jigsaw just gone Sucked up the vacuum, in vain. __ Once filled with laughter openness and play, That golden thread of connection I still feel it…
  • My Own Lockdown Experience
    A personal story about lockdown in Covid-19
  • Thoughts On A Poem By Wayne Muller
    The word humility, like the human, comes from humus, or earth. We are most human when we do no great things. We are not so important; we are simple dust and spirit—at best, loving midwives, participants in a process much larger than we. If we are quiet and listen and feel how things move, perhaps we will be wise enough to put our hands on what waits to be born, and bless it with kindness and care. Wayne Muller. I find this deeply moving and important, I personally agree with every word. Equally I find my process with this blog…
  • Being Human In Lockdown Art Exhibition Now Live
    An Art exhibition that explores being human in this moment, people’s personal global stories about their experience of Covid-19 and lockdown depicted in art and personal testimony.
  • Plot Twist
    I had grown to have a sense of what I would really enjoy doing with whatever time I had left of this life and was aiming toward it. This has deeply and profoundly shifted, quietly, slowly, in an almost unnoticeable plot twist. I have shifted. Well whatever ‘I’ is. ‘I’ have no need to discover ‘myself’. In this last year, as mentioned in my own lockdown story post, it has been an inner retreat of sorts and have come to know more of the habits, tendencies and story of this personal life profoundly. I choose ‘just being’ over anything else…